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Writer’s Block…. !

Since my last book I’ve had great trouble working on my next project. I don’t mean your normal, yet frustrating, writers block, I mean serious, blood boiling to the point where you just want to take a sledge hammer to your computer and anything else around at the time, writers block.

I think in total, the last three months I have written only a handful of pages, simply because I have felt the work was not to a high enough standard for me to keep writing. Yes, I am one of those people who will not continue a task until the current part is done properly. By properly I don’t mean it’s ready to be printed and sold in stores, I simply mean it flows to my liking and is a good base for my editing later on. Not even that has been happening lately.

So, one day after I had stopped myself from murdering my desktop computer, I started to research a few ways to deal with writers block and exercises to try and keep that motivation alive.

One site I found particularly helpful: http://www.meredithsuewillis.com/writingexercises.html.

Here there are countless writing exercises designed to get you thinking on a different subject all together! I found this helped me to forget about my current piece for a bit and find bits of my creativity, then going back to my own work was easier, but still quite a tough task.

I managed to submit some short stories to a few competitions recently though, so hopefully I’ll be smashing out a good number of pages again soon. When I do I will list some bits up here for you to read and critique.

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