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So my creativity is alive after all

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The other night I got a great idea for a new novel, and before I knew it I already have a detailed plan and had started writing the story!

This came out of nowhere, for a while I had been struggling with my other project and it had got to the point where I felt like giving up completely. It was like I had suddenly lost any and all abilities relating to generating original and interesting ideas. Also, unlike my other project, this one will be more fun for me to write, it’s a lot more something I would find myself reading.

I feel that last point is important. The books I have stopped writing halfway through have generally been those that have been pitched to me by others, whether it’s an agent, a publisher or a friend, whereas the ones I have finished are the sort of stories I would actually purchase and read myself. Having said this, it is a lot harder to convince someone to buy your work when it’s of personal interest to you than if it was of personal interest to them.

All in all I guess the old adage is true: enjoy what you do and you will do it well.

I will be posting a small bit of this story on my blog in the near future for you all to read, so please keep checking back from time to time, I will say this though, it’s sort of Lord of the Rings meets Final Destination.


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