Upcoming Australian Election.

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The election to be held on the weekend is a very hot topic everywhere, but it seems its hottest in my mailbox. I’m guessing the campaign material will still be coming in the weeks after the election too.

I for one am not looking forward to this election, simply because I feel I will NOT be voting this year. Yes, I know it is very anti-Australian and I know I can be fined for not visiting the polling booths on the day, but I genuinely feel there is no point voting, either Labor or Liberal will be in power and I think the leaders of both parties, and the parties policies are a complete joke! Thats not mentioning the negative-advertising political campaigning has become, or the fact that the only time we hear from these people are when they are bombarding our letterboxes with proverbial toilet paper.

If you want your voters to give a crap about you, give a crap about them when THEY need it, not just when YOU need it.

As far as policies go, I feel both major parties are as bad as each other, just in opposite areas, and to me it looks like our lives will be equally affected by both just in other ways. Basically I’m saying we are still getting screwed no matter who we elect, each will just screw us differently.

In short, Abbott is a womaniser, his views on society are outdated and he doesn’t have a keen enough economic knowledge to be running the economy.

Gillard is not the great role model for our kids like a lot of people think (although shes a lot better than Tony Abbott in that respect), she isn’t experienced enough to be running our country, she isn’t a trustworthy candidate and the whole scandal with Rudd showed that.

That is why I won’t be at the booth come voting day.

Someone please bring back Kevin Rudd.

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A haunted church?! No….

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

So I have been asked to investigate the supposed hauntings of a local church building and its cemetery, which from what I’ve been told sounds like it surrounds the back half of the actual church!

A number of people are reported to have died here, a fire burned the church down not long after it was built and it took some time to rebuild it in its original spot, some of the walls are still original I believe. Apparently you can see some of the fire damage on one of the outside walls. The people who run the church believe this event along with the many buried in the cemetery are the reason for some of the strange sightings that people have complained about over the years.

Coincidentally I noticed this morning that it is Friday the 13th and while I was at my day job a black cat ran right up to me meowing till i petted her. If I didn’t know the people who have asked me to do this investigation I would think it’s all a hoax.

Any findings I will post up here in the coming days for those who are interested.

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What I want to be when I grow up…

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I haven’t told this to anyone before, so if you are reading this you are one of the lucky, or unlucky ones, depending on how you look at it.

A few years ago while I was trying to write my first novel but I had not told anyone about it because I didn’t want anyone telling me I wouldn’t be able to and bringing down my hopes. Then I told my girlfriend, at the time, I wanted to be a writer and that I had been writing a novel in my own time for about a year. I was hoping she would be excited and encouraging about my aspiration but she wasn’t, actually what she said was far from it.

“You can’t do it, why don’t you just go work full-time at Woolworth’s, be a manager there or something.”

I stood there looking at her, not sure what to say or do. Part of me wanted to rip her head off for being so negative, yet another part of me couldn’t help but think she was right. After a minute she walked off, I’m not sure why, probably to go complain about me to her mum or something along those lines. She broke up with me a few months later because, these are her words not mine, “Your life isn’t going anywhere and I can’t wait around for you to fix it.” Funny thing is less than a year later I had my house and I know she’s still living under her parents roof but that’s another story.

So I guess what I wanted this to show is that most likely you will encounter people in your life who will say you cannot achieve what you want to in life, they might be very close to you or they could be someone you least care about but still their negativity is not something you should dwell on. I suspect most of these people are the type who have had their own dreams crushed or simply don’t have any dreams and they are trying to bring you down with them.

If you have a dream, don’t give up on it. Even if the closest people to you say you can’t make it for some reason tell them they don’t know what they are talking about, walk off and find motivation in proving them wrong!

If you have had a similar experience, please post a reply here so others can read it. The more encouragement we can give others the better!

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Dear Ashleigh

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This is a few months late, but I’m going to write it still anyway.

We have been living together for around five months now and I am not happy with the way things seem to be travelling.

You tell me not to treat you like a kid, yet you need constant reminders to do such small things, like tidy your dishes, not leave them laying around the house, and even when I do ask you three or four times, which is often, I still find myself doing it later that night or the next day. Its really getting frustrating and is causing friction between us.

Also, don’t say you will do things when you know you clearly won’t. This too happens on an almost nightly basis. You say you will do something, whether it’s picking up your dirty clothes, hanging up your towels or other things, you ALWAYS say you will do it then later you don’t. ALWAYS!
How can I treat you like an adult when to get you to do anything I need to treat you like a child and constantly hound you to get you to lift even one finger around the house!

This has affected me enough to start questioning if we should be living together at all, or even if we should continue this relationship at all!

These blatant acts of laziness and the fact you have lied about some issues in the near past really has us on shaky grounds.

Get your head straight or its over!

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Adelaide, Can't you DRIVE?!!

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A slow sign seen when entering Wellington Road...

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Recently I have started noticing a decline in the ability of motorists to drive in accordance with our road laws and do so in a safe manner. What seems like used to be a weekly occurrence, seeing someone do an illegal U-turn and almost cause and accident, or failing to look and pull out in front of an on coming car, is happening on a daily basis.

I won’t single out any group of society doing this more than others, like a lot of people would, due to this not being a generalisation of a certain group, it’s my views of society as a whole.

The other day I was driving down a local road where I frequently drive on the way to and from work. My path takes me right past a police station and just as I reached the station a police car pulled right out in front of me. I was travelling at the speed limit of sixty and had to lock up my brakes in order to not crash into the back of him, it was that close! I laid on my horn and road-raged at him a bit while noticing he was staring at me in his mirror, clearly wondering why I’d beeped him.

My passenger during this, who was scared for her life as we almost went right up the rear end of a cop car, had put her hands over her eyes in fear.

Now you might be thinking, “I’m sure he had enough time, maybe you didn’t hit the brakes early enough.” That’s not the case here, I hit my brakes as soon as I saw him pull out, the car slowed then I had to dig my foot in more, locking the wheels up in order to actually not hit him.

This brings me to a serious question: are our learner driver’s not being taught properly and should our veteran drivers be subject to tests on the road rules and possibly even medical examinations to ensure they are capable of driving as they get older?

In SA we are still yet to see strict laws come into effect to make it more demanding on learner drivers before they are deemed competent operating a vehicle, laws like the ones which have been effective in VIC and NSW for some time now. However the debate whether this level of strictness actually produces better motorists, or whether it produces more unlicensed drivers within our communities.

Generally, I feel not enough care is being taken on our roads and it’s very alarming. Please take more care when using the roads, the risks of taking the life of an innocent person is too great and our stress levels are often high enough dealing with everyday life without having the added fear and frustration over poor judgement, reckless behaviour or just plain stupidity.

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Writer’s Block…. !

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Since my last book I’ve had great trouble working on my next project. I don’t mean your normal, yet frustrating, writers block, I mean serious, blood boiling to the point where you just want to take a sledge hammer to your computer and anything else around at the time, writers block.

I think in total, the last three months I have written only a handful of pages, simply because I have felt the work was not to a high enough standard for me to keep writing. Yes, I am one of those people who will not continue a task until the current part is done properly. By properly I don’t mean it’s ready to be printed and sold in stores, I simply mean it flows to my liking and is a good base for my editing later on. Not even that has been happening lately.

So, one day after I had stopped myself from murdering my desktop computer, I started to research a few ways to deal with writers block and exercises to try and keep that motivation alive.

One site I found particularly helpful: http://www.meredithsuewillis.com/writingexercises.html.

Here there are countless writing exercises designed to get you thinking on a different subject all together! I found this helped me to forget about my current piece for a bit and find bits of my creativity, then going back to my own work was easier, but still quite a tough task.

I managed to submit some short stories to a few competitions recently though, so hopefully I’ll be smashing out a good number of pages again soon. When I do I will list some bits up here for you to read and critique.

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My two cents on the visible tattoo debate

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I live in Adelaide, South Australia, and I hear a lot of people complaining about being refused entry to venues, mainly clubs and pubs, for having visible tattoos.

Now, I’m not sure about what these complainers are doing on their weekends, or where they are going, but it seems to me they aren’t doing what they can to have a good time. I bet they go to the same place each week hoping to get in, don’t, then complain about it via Facebook or another social networking website till everyone else is fed up hearing about it. TRY SOMEWHERE NEW!

Now before someone posts saying something like,  “What do you know, do you even have a tattoo?” yes I do, I have a full Japanese sleeve on my left arm, shoulder to wrist, and I don’t have issues with being refused entry to places. In fact I’ve only ever been refused entry once, at a place where I already knew I would be refused, every other place I have gone to have not had a problem with it.

I believe visible tattoos being a problem is dying out. A decade ago it would have prevented you doing many things, but these days even police officers are allowed to have their tattoos visible while on the clock. My feeling is society is becoming more accepting and tolerant of such things and I guess if I’m right, discrimination against someone due to visible tattoos will be a way of the past soon enough.

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