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My two cents on the visible tattoo debate

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I live in Adelaide, South Australia, and I hear a lot of people complaining about being refused entry to venues, mainly clubs and pubs, for having visible tattoos.

Now, I’m not sure about what these complainers are doing on their weekends, or where they are going, but it seems to me they aren’t doing what they can to have a good time. I bet they go to the same place each week hoping to get in, don’t, then complain about it via Facebook or another social networking website till everyone else is fed up hearing about it. TRY SOMEWHERE NEW!

Now before someone posts saying something like,  “What do you know, do you even have a tattoo?” yes I do, I have a full Japanese sleeve on my left arm, shoulder to wrist, and I don’t have issues with being refused entry to places. In fact I’ve only ever been refused entry once, at a place where I already knew I would be refused, every other place I have gone to have not had a problem with it.

I believe visible tattoos being a problem is dying out. A decade ago it would have prevented you doing many things, but these days even police officers are allowed to have their tattoos visible while on the clock. My feeling is society is becoming more accepting and tolerant of such things and I guess if I’m right, discrimination against someone due to visible tattoos will be a way of the past soon enough.

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I'm here!

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

This will be a very brief post because my girlfriend is about to get home from work and I want to spend some time with her, I think she had a pretty average day by the sounds of our phone conversation earlier.

Basically I am making this blog to discuss certain issues, things in my life that frustrate me and problems I am facing, or people close to me have asked for advice about, and I think it might help others in the community.

Also I am a bit of a photographer in my spare time, away from my day job and writing my books, so expect to see some random photos go up in the near future.


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