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A haunted church?! No….

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

So I have been asked to investigate the supposed hauntings of a local church building and its cemetery, which from what I’ve been told sounds like it surrounds the back half of the actual church!

A number of people are reported to have died here, a fire burned the church down not long after it was built and it took some time to rebuild it in its original spot, some of the walls are still original I believe. Apparently you can see some of the fire damage on one of the outside walls. The people who run the church believe this event along with the many buried in the cemetery are the reason for some of the strange sightings that people have complained about over the years.

Coincidentally I noticed this morning that it is Friday the 13th and while I was at my day job a black cat ran right up to me meowing till i petted her. If I didn’t know the people who have asked me to do this investigation I would think it’s all a hoax.

Any findings I will post up here in the coming days for those who are interested.

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