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Go to Hell work!

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment
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Katy Perry is hot! Marry me!

Lately my work has been screwing me around and I’m now thinking of quitting. They have asked me to apply for three positions lately, the latest one they said I was definitely top of the list. But I will explain the whole story.
Originally I applied for a position where I would be in charge of a group of people across the state, which I was extremely excited about. After the interview the guy who was currently in the position decided he didn’t want to leave, so I lost that role. Next I applied for the job this other guy was supposed to move into, which was even better for me than the original position. I had an interview for this second position only to find out another person in the office was bored of his own job and wanted this one. So again my interview was for nothing. Then I asked, well if Leon is doing that job now, can I apply for Leons old job? But no because Zoe is going into his position because she knows it already.

However, they assure me they want to use me somewhere but are unsure where they will slot me in. Meanwhile I’m seriously sick of being dicked around and I’m finding I’m wanting out.

What annoys me more than this though is the fact that now they want me to go do work that I don’t want to do, and for less money, to ‘prove’ myself to management. But I have ALWAYS done what I’ve been told. I have gone away to country locations at short notice, driving four hours, working six hours then driving another four hours back home, all in one day! Ive done that on numerous occasions now. I went interstate with less than twelve hours notice for two full working days in order to help them out. I am always doing my share of work and on time, often doing someone else’s work too if they are behind a bit. I have done more than enough to prove my worth and frankly I’m sick of putting myself out, either time or money, in order to help them out or to show them I am worth having around.

It looks to me like this will be a never-ending cycle, they will just keep moving people around to try and make others happy while ignoring the ones who truly are valuable workers. I know I would be better off moving on, but when is enough really enough?

From my experiences I am finding out that feeling, you know when enough is enough because your mind and body just scream out and tell you not to put up with it any longer. I am almost at that point now.

I am a very frustrated worker.

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September 13, 2010 Leave a comment
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Love you Katy Perry!!

Have you ever sat down and wondered why others around you are doing better than you, or why some people seem to be extremely good at something that enables them to really develop in life, yet you don’t even know what it is you are really good at doing? If so, then you felt the way I do right now.

I was never outstanding at any subjects in school, Physical Education was always my best subject in middle school, and English was my strongest in senior school, yet I have never been a stand out student at anything and when I really think about it I don’t see in me any real talents. Some people are gifted with musical abilities, or great actors, others are extremely good with numbers, yet I fail to see any significant strength in myself.

Yes I have dreams, like everyone else, but I don’t see any way to realistically achieve those dreams.

One of my best friends is a computer programmer, he did well all round in school, knew from a very early age what he wanted to study at uni, went on and did it, graduated and is now one of the top programmers in the country. Another one of my friends is working in a prestigious law firm and anther of my friends was in the Miss Universe Australia competition, being edged out slightly by Jennifer Hawkins.

I guess I am a bit frustrated and disappointed that so many people have amazing talents or gifts that have made their lives so much easier, yet I haven’t been dealt a great hand or just haven’t woken up to my true talents yet, so I’m struggling.

What would be some advise able to be given for how to best find what you are meant to be doing in life?

How do you keep following your dreams when you look at your skills and you don’t see what is required to succeed in that path?

Any advise posted here would be great, I’m sure there are a lot of people with the same problem.

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