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Would you appreciate this?

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

So one of my friends has just had a house purchased for him by his parents. It’s not a cheap one either, spending $570,000 AUD, brings me to my blatant question: does he appreciate this?

I haven’t asked him that myself and I don’t believe it is my place to ask such a thing, or to judge based on it, so I won’t, but I can’t help but wonder. Such a significant period in life is now missed. The vast majority of our population would tell you stories about the struggles of either saving for a house deposit or making the repayments at some stage in their life. To have this worry completely taken care of is a HUGE benefit, a massive load of stress taken away from his life. To me there would be no question, anything I have now I have had to work hard for, my parents were never rich, mostly they worked like dogs just to send my sister and I to a decent school, so if they were somehow able to give me even just money for a deposit I wouldn’t know how to deal with that, it would be too much for me and I would more than likely give it back. However I would be amazed at their generosity and I would appreciate even the thought of something like that.

Though, knowing he has had a very smooth childhood, his parents always bought him and his brother and sister anything they wanted or needed, he received a car for his 21st, all his university expenses paid for, they gave him money to firstly gain a deposit for his own house then went out and purchased him one straight out, I cant help but think this behavior is what he would know, something he would have become accustomed to and so would not appreciate it in full.

“I will be moving out of here in a month or two and into a proper house.”

Some people have life so easy and yet they don’t know it.

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