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Upcoming Australian Election.

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

The election to be held on the weekend is a very hot topic everywhere, but it seems its hottest in my mailbox. I’m guessing the campaign material will still be coming in the weeks after the election too.

I for one am not looking forward to this election, simply because I feel I will NOT be voting this year. Yes, I know it is very anti-Australian and I know I can be fined for not visiting the polling booths on the day, but I genuinely feel there is no point voting, either Labor or Liberal will be in power and I think the leaders of both parties, and the parties policies are a complete joke! Thats not mentioning the negative-advertising political campaigning has become, or the fact that the only time we hear from these people are when they are bombarding our letterboxes with proverbial toilet paper.

If you want your voters to give a crap about you, give a crap about them when THEY need it, not just when YOU need it.

As far as policies go, I feel both major parties are as bad as each other, just in opposite areas, and to me it looks like our lives will be equally affected by both just in other ways. Basically I’m saying we are still getting screwed no matter who we elect, each will just screw us differently.

In short, Abbott is a womaniser, his views on society are outdated and he doesn’t have a keen enough economic knowledge to be running the economy.

Gillard is not the great role model for our kids like a lot of people think (although shes a lot better than Tony Abbott in that respect), she isn’t experienced enough to be running our country, she isn’t a trustworthy candidate and the whole scandal with Rudd showed that.

That is why I won’t be at the booth come voting day.

Someone please bring back Kevin Rudd.

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