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Dear Ashleigh

August 8, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a few months late, but I’m going to write it still anyway.

We have been living together for around five months now and I am not happy with the way things seem to be travelling.

You tell me not to treat you like a kid, yet you need constant reminders to do such small things, like tidy your dishes, not leave them laying around the house, and even when I do ask you three or four times, which is often, I still find myself doing it later that night or the next day. Its really getting frustrating and is causing friction between us.

Also, don’t say you will do things when you know you clearly won’t. This too happens on an almost nightly basis. You say you will do something, whether it’s picking up your dirty clothes, hanging up your towels or other things, you ALWAYS say you will do it then later you don’t. ALWAYS!
How can I treat you like an adult when to get you to do anything I need to treat you like a child and constantly hound you to get you to lift even one finger around the house!

This has affected me enough to start questioning if we should be living together at all, or even if we should continue this relationship at all!

These blatant acts of laziness and the fact you have lied about some issues in the near past really has us on shaky grounds.

Get your head straight or its over!

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