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Online shopping, the future?

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment
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Online shopping is becoming an increasingly easy (and cheap!) way to purchase, with the added benefit of having everything delivered to your door. I purchase quite a bit online myself, usually from eBay or Amazon, but recently someone  recommended an online store I had not yet heard about. is fantastic! It is a complete online store, selling everything from Plasma TVs to baby clothes and all of what you want can be found easily, by clicking one of the useful categories in the left column or by searching something specific using the search bar. However, to me the best part of is that it offers the option of writing a review for a product you may have bought, meaning as a shopper, you get a really good idea about what you are purchasing by reading the reviews.

If you have something in mind for what you might like to purchase, you then have a broad range to choose from, here are just two examples:

I was actually amazed with the jewelry section. I am in the market to buy an engagement ring for my now girlfriend and I did not expect such a range of diamond rings to be available online, prices ranging from a few hundred dollars right up to $42,000!

Even if you don’t want to make an online purchase, this is a great site to do product research. Their search engine provides users with the ability to quickly and efficiently have a look at certain products and get an idea of price too. Also, there are online buying guides available to help you choose the right item for you. is fast and easy to register with, their range of products is staggering, I for one am glad I had a look at their site and if this trend continues there is no reason why a lot more people won’t be getting on the online shopping bandwagon in the near future.

Highly recommended.

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So my creativity is alive after all

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment
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The other night I got a great idea for a new novel, and before I knew it I already have a detailed plan and had started writing the story!

This came out of nowhere, for a while I had been struggling with my other project and it had got to the point where I felt like giving up completely. It was like I had suddenly lost any and all abilities relating to generating original and interesting ideas. Also, unlike my other project, this one will be more fun for me to write, it’s a lot more something I would find myself reading.

I feel that last point is important. The books I have stopped writing halfway through have generally been those that have been pitched to me by others, whether it’s an agent, a publisher or a friend, whereas the ones I have finished are the sort of stories I would actually purchase and read myself. Having said this, it is a lot harder to convince someone to buy your work when it’s of personal interest to you than if it was of personal interest to them.

All in all I guess the old adage is true: enjoy what you do and you will do it well.

I will be posting a small bit of this story on my blog in the near future for you all to read, so please keep checking back from time to time, I will say this though, it’s sort of Lord of the Rings meets Final Destination.


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