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Adelaide, Can't you DRIVE?!!

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment
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Recently I have started noticing a decline in the ability of motorists to drive in accordance with our road laws and do so in a safe manner. What seems like used to be a weekly occurrence, seeing someone do an illegal U-turn and almost cause and accident, or failing to look and pull out in front of an on coming car, is happening on a daily basis.

I won’t single out any group of society doing this more than others, like a lot of people would, due to this not being a generalisation of a certain group, it’s my views of society as a whole.

The other day I was driving down a local road where I frequently drive on the way to and from work. My path takes me right past a police station and just as I reached the station a police car pulled right out in front of me. I was travelling at the speed limit of sixty and had to lock up my brakes in order to not crash into the back of him, it was that close! I laid on my horn and road-raged at him a bit while noticing he was staring at me in his mirror, clearly wondering why I’d beeped him.

My passenger during this, who was scared for her life as we almost went right up the rear end of a cop car, had put her hands over her eyes in fear.

Now you might be thinking, “I’m sure he had enough time, maybe you didn’t hit the brakes early enough.” That’s not the case here, I hit my brakes as soon as I saw him pull out, the car slowed then I had to dig my foot in more, locking the wheels up in order to actually not hit him.

This brings me to a serious question: are our learner driver’s not being taught properly and should our veteran drivers be subject to tests on the road rules and possibly even medical examinations to ensure they are capable of driving as they get older?

In SA we are still yet to see strict laws come into effect to make it more demanding on learner drivers before they are deemed competent operating a vehicle, laws like the ones which have been effective in VIC and NSW for some time now. However the debate whether this level of strictness actually produces better motorists, or whether it produces more unlicensed drivers within our communities.

Generally, I feel not enough care is being taken on our roads and it’s very alarming. Please take more care when using the roads, the risks of taking the life of an innocent person is too great and our stress levels are often high enough dealing with everyday life without having the added fear and frustration over poor judgement, reckless behaviour or just plain stupidity.

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